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As a facilitator and investor visa consultant in Dubai for all UAE-related immigration for business, work, family, education, holiday, investment, permanent or temporary residency, etc. your investor visa consultant in Dubai is glad to partner with you to fulfil all your plans successfully. However, in all professional relations, there are standard protocols to ensure smooth functioning and operations. Our terms and conditions for access to services govern user engagement with registrations.ae website;

Registrations.ae is a fully incorporated services enterprise in the UAE with our Head Office located at No 2015, Level 20, The Burjuman Business Tower, Al Mankhool, Dubai, UAE. We are bound by all Dubai & UAE regulatory law & frameworks in relation to our service industry.

Caution: You are cautioned to read carefully all the terms and conditions before using our website, downloading or copying any information & content from www.registrations.ae.

If you access and use registrations.ae services as stated in these terms & conditions, it constitutes a legally binding acceptance and full compliance with all the terms & conditions. The terms & conditions apply to all visitors, users and whoever chooses to access or use our site & services.

Moreover, by accessing or using our site & services, you are in full agreement of the terms & conditions without ambiguity. In case you disagree with all the stated terms, you are free to cease access to our site & services right now.

Personal Information Gathering

Registrations.ae solely owns the information collected from personal information to site engagement procedures of our site at varied times from users. We adapt new measures as when deemed fit or plausible. 

Information Use and Disclosure

All personal information helps us provide better services. Information sharing is only possible in extraordinary circumstances to facilitate enforcement of local law or personal request to do so in full-compliance to all cybersecurity protocols & local cyber governing rules & frameworks.

Intellectual Property

All original content, features and functions are the exclusive property of registrations.ae & licensors. Intellectual property (logos, banners, stickers, site content, services, official designs, taglines, partnership & collaboration services, etc.) are protected by copyright, trademark, and UAE and foreign country law.

Third-Party Site Links

Our site may have links to third-party websites. Registrations.ae isn’t liable for privacy policies of third party websites. You agree that registrations.ae isn’t liable directly or indirectly, for damages due to use of services on third party sites. Read all terms and conditions and privacy policies of third-party websites before engaging.

Limitation of Liability

Registrations.ae and all its business subsidiaries aren’t liable for any indirect, consequent or punitive damages, which include without limitation data loss or other losses resulting from access, use or inability to use our services.


As you use registrations.ae, there are risks that are solely the users. Regstrations.ae provides services without any warranties whatsoever, express or implied.

Full Compliance to Dubai & UAE Law

The terms & conditions are subject to UAE & Dubai emirate law in full compliance to all regulatory frame works, without ambiguity or conflict to all or any law provisions. Any fresh terms and conditions published constitute a comprehensive agreement between registrations.ae on our services and effectively replace previous agreements.

Dispute & Conflict Resolution

All disputes in relation to the terms and conditions herein are subject to Dubai Courts & UAE law.

Terms & Conditions Changes

Registrations.ae reserves the right with sole discretion, to change, modify or replace the stated terms & conditions at any time. If there are inconsistencies or changes with local law, instant notices are shared prior to sharing new terms & conditions. Sole discretion is adapted fully-compliant within local & national law.

Your continued access & use of our services with new terms and conditions constitutes agreement and full compliance.

Our Cookies Use Policy

Registrations.ae website uses cookies to enhance our websites user experience. Our cookies retain user preferences and track data to third party apps. You are free to disable cookies on registrations.ae with your browser.

Contract Fulfilment & Quid Pro Quo

Personal data is used to give vital information and services through our website. Upon completion or fulfilment of our promised services there’s quid pro quo from user side. We are committed to mutual benefit & satisfaction through our services.

Terminations & Cancellations

We reserve the right to terminate or cancel website access instantly with no prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation breach of the stated terms. Under termination, access & right to use our website & services ceases instantly.