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Note: Costs may vary from case to case. We encourage you to contact our company formation specialists and get detailed cost and advise on alternative solutions.

01. Choose your business category

Your business category will help determine which jurisdiction, trade licence and business activity will apply to your company.

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Choose the business activity that you would like to carry out in the UAE. Aside from helping you identify the location and licence that best suit your company, this will also help you get a better estimate of the cost of your company setup.

03. How many owners/shareholders will your company have?

The number of owners/shareholders your company will have can help in identifying the most suitable legal structure for your company, as well as the number of residence visas you will require.

04. How many residence visas will you need?

In addition to residence visas for your shareholders, you can apply for residence visas for your employees and family members.

05. What Type of Office Space?

Depending on the nature of your business, will you need a flexi-desk, a co-working space or an entire office space? This is an important factor in calculating your total setup cost.

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